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Born/raised in Kansas City, Kansas. Graduating in 1963 from Kansas City University (now the U of Missouri at Kansas City) with a BBA.
Joined the USAF in that Spring, subsequently retired after 20 years in June 1983
Next 20 + years I was in home remodeling sales with several Washington, D.C. area companies. My primary expertise is Kitchen Designer.
Semi-retired 2004 and moved to beach - Wilmington, N.C. Along the way become student of internet marketing and sales.
Separated from my wife, kids all grown and just traveling around where notion takes me. At each stop help people out with Web Sites, Internet Marketing, etc. Have lived in David, Panama since Sep '07. HAVING A BLAST!


Internet sales and marketing, Web Site Design and Optimization, Ebay Sales, NFL, golf, warm weather, fun people